How exactly do you make a Heyday? Start with a great friendship, add a brewery from Louisiana, throw in a Southern restaurant in North Carolina, then let it simmer slow and low in Raleigh for, oh, 5 years.

TBH, there is a dash of wild luck & Lululemon involved in our secret recipe – but that’s another story. You’ll have to get Kevin or William to tell that one.

William McGeehee started Tin Roof Brewery in 2010 with the single plan to make great beer. In 2018, Tin Roof got to the top of that hill when their Voodoo Pale Ale won the gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival – sort of the Academy Award for beer. Kevin Callaghan started Acme in Carrboro way back in the last millennium and has been serving his nationally acclaimed Southern food there for 23 years now. And they’re good friends. Enough said.

Living 900 miles apart wasn’t enough to keep the two of them from wanting to work together; that part was always a given. From the very beginning, their idea was simple. Great beer + delicious Southern food. I dare say that we can all do that math. ‘What?’ and ‘when?’ were always the hard questions. And now, we finally know the answers – Heyday Brewing Co. and right now. Can I get an “amen?”